LifeFilta HWTS Whole House Water Treatment Filter System at Hotel TRÄDGÄRDER – KOSTER ISLAND SWEDEN

LIFEFILTA HWTS – Whole House Water Treatment System by NANOFILTRATION:

A simple and cost effective mini water factory that provides safe drinking water solutions. As well as for rural areas, rainwater harvesting, river water, streams & ponds … as for suspicious municipal & city water pressure!

For domestic every day use, as well as for emergency situations and catastrophic events.

Suitable for houses, restorants, schools, hotels, factories, churches, apartments, temporary buildings, … water & food processing industries, commercial & semi-industrials apps and many other applications!

Simple and effective cleaning by a unique and patented built-in BACK-WASH system for long lasting filtration without the use of chemicals, any filter parts or any change of filter modules!

Maintain this system after every use and take care of your device since the estimated lifespan of this system is 5 up to 10 years!

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