Are Swimming pool Automation Controllers the Future for providing Healthy Water?

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Stay In Control Of Clean Water,
Easily And Automatically
IPS chemical controllers are designed to keep chemicals balanced and water clean and clear with the push of a button. All of o ur products are easy to install with guaranteed reliability and the assurance of NSF Certification under NSF/ANSI 50 on all models. Our advanced technology takes care of the chemical science for you by automatically monitoring, adjusting and dispensing the correct amount of chemicals based on user demand, ensuring optimal sanitizer levels for any pool or spa.
Where There’s Water
Effectively manage chemical levels for pools, spas and water features of all sizes, anywhere—hotels, condominiums, aquatic centers, schools, public facilities, homes and more.

It Was Time To Take Control
In 2006, five veteran industry professionals formed IPS Controllers to bring simplicity to the complicated and critical business of keeping pool and spa water cleaner and safer. This team of engineers, designers, manufacturers and field specialists possesses 64+ years of collective knowledge and they have harnessed it in a line of American-made chemical controllers that make the science of affecting pH and ORPlevels simpler and more efficient.

IPS Controllers is committed to the advancement of the health and safety of pool and spa water. Our principals, associates and products are readily available to assist in your efforts to keep water clean and healthy for the benefit and enjoyment of your guests or customers.

For new installations, for automation of existing chemical control systems, or for custom solutions, enjoy a new level of ease and peace-of-mind with IPS Controllers.

Chuck Woolstenhulme
Chuck Woolstenhulme has a 35 year pool industry background that includes service, construction, and equipment manufacturing. Over the past 30 years he has been responsible for the development and manufacturing of various products for the pool & spa industry, including ORP & pH controllers, pool equipment automation systems, and automatic pool cleaners. Don’t be surprised if you reach Chuck when you call us!

Ted Richards
Ted Richards has over 20 years of experience in the sales and servicing of ORP & pH controls in markets all over the Southwest. His real life, in field experience has proven invaluable to our customers over the years. If you have a question about pool chemistry, Ted is the resource for you.
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