My DIY Whole House Water Filter System

This is my My DIY Whole House Water Filter System after replacing
previous units.

I bought the one off of Amazon ,then I looked for a cheaper price found it at Link below. I bought the 20×4.5In filters off Amazon.
2nd Filter housing i found at This Site.

Filters in video I bought from Amazon: Pentek DGD-2501-20 Spun Polypropylene Filter Cartridge, 20″ x 4-1/2″
And Pentek GAC-20BB Carbon Filter Cartridge, 20″ x 4-1/2″

*DISCLAIMER: Prices mentioned in the video during Filming are not Current,Prices Are Subject to Change.…

Clean Water is a Human Right – Healthy Water Foundation

The Healthy Water Foundation is a non-profit, grassroots effort to address the global problem that claims the lives of more than 2400 children every day… unsafe drinking water. From rural communities in the Appalachians and Mississippi Bayou, to remote villages in Africa, India and Indonesia… the Healthy Water Foundation is committed to providing more than just clean water — we’re dedicated to bringing the healthful, healing benefits of ionised, alkaline water (restructured water) to help fight diseases, improve hydration and give these children a chance. You can help by visiting:…

Hydrate Yourself with Healthy Water, Each ‘n Every Day!

This should come as no surprise: Water is essential for good health, and not just in the summertime either. Healthy hydration is important 24/7/365, so why don’t we drink enough water? What are some great solutions for keeping your family properly hydrated this summer and all year round? Busy dad and Primo Water Guru Matt Sheehan has the answers. According to him, it’s all about long-term solutions. Healthy hydration habits start at home. Join us on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television to get some great ideas on in-home and portable water dispensing that’s purely amazing. Your body, your family and the environment thank you. Primo Water is one decision for a lifetime of health!


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Micro fibre water filtration down to 2 micron from Industrial Purification Systems Ltd

Industrial Purification Systems (IPS) has announced a partnership agreement with its long term supplier Amiad Water Systems (including the “Thread Filter”, formerly from Filtomat supplied by Atkins Fulford). This will see IPS able to provide the UK industrial sector with complete water filtration solutions. For the first time, users and specifiers of water filtration technology will be able to select from the most comprehensive range of self-cleaning filter systems available in the UK ranging from 10.0 mm down to less than 1.0 micron. Visit to find out more.…

DIY Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Infused Water Healthy Diet Drink Agua detox de pepino, limon y menta

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2 L Water, 1 Medium Cucumber, 1 Lemon, 10-12 Mint leaves.
Steep overnight in fridge & drink every day. Also great for general detox including clear skin.

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How to make a SHTF water filtration system

In this video I’ll show you how to make a simple water filtration system. This system costs around . It requires no pumping because it’s a gravity fed system.

The filter I used in this video was a Sawyer mini. It filters up to 100,000 gallons of water at .01 microns. If you wish for more than 100,000 gallons you may look into using the Sawyer Squeeze. It has all the same specifications as the mini, but will filter up to 1 MILLION gallons of water.

These filters will remove bacteria and protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium) however they don’t remove chemicals, metals or viruses. In North America viruses aren’t very common in the water. If you’re unsure of viruses in your water you can filter then boil your water to be sure. These filters are meant to filter any water from the back country such as water from a stream, river or lake.

and it’s perfect for use during earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, boil alerts, mission trips…


DISCLAIMER – This drink has suited me big time and I aint liable if it doesn’t suit u.
2 litre Water
2 tbsp Cumin Seeds

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6-11-15 Alkaline water is healthy water! Steven Nickolas

Host Kevin Price and Guest Steven Nickolas discuss ‘Alkaline water is healthy water!”
on this segment of the Price of Business.

Kevin Price is host of the Price of Business, on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK in Houston, Texas. It is on Bloomburg’s home in Houston. He is also publisher and editor in Chief of, a national news site. On this channel, Kevin interviews Enterprise C-level executives, best selling authors, and many more.…

Berkey Travel Water Filtration System Review and Test

BiblesnBarbells Store:

Priming Your Berkey Filters:

Berkey Travel Filter System:

Berkey Maintenance Kit:

Directive 21- The Berkey Guy:


Travel Berkey Information:

Compact Travel Berkey Water Filtration System

Years ago, before we developed the Travel Berkey water filter, before we offered different size systems, we were always asked why we did not offer a system that was smaller. Our customers pointed out the benefits this more compact size would offer. After much research and customer feedback we developed the Travel Berkey water filter to meet our customers’ needs. Because of its smaller more compact size, this water filter system is the ideal unit for traveling or for use in areas where counter top space is at a premium like motorhomes, motels or efficiency apartments. It easily fits into a suitcase or even an airline carry-on bag when traveling. The Travel Berkey’s ability to accept up to two filters makes it able to provide drinking water for small groups of people or smaller families of up to four people. The Travel Berkey lid as well as the upper and lower containers are all made of a high grade, durable stainless steel that is engineered to last a lifetime. This water filter system comes with everything you need to start purifying your drinking water within minutes of assembly including easy to set up instructions with no tools or special knowledge required. The tried and true stainless steel container material provides an easy to clean surface that does not allow contaminants to permeate the container. This ultra-hard smooth construction offers the benefits of resisting stubborn lime and water scale buildup, making it much easier to maintain than filter housings made of other materials.

The Travel Berkey is the perfect size!
Price: 8.00

Key Features: Two Black Berkey purifier filters (will produce approximately …

Camping Hack – Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

A simple camping hack that allowed me to combine some of my existing kit to create a gravity water filter system featuring these three products.
Sawyer Filter –
Platypus Water Bag –
Tornado Tube –

You will enjoy this video series if you hike, backpack, trek, paddle, kayak, peddle, wilderness camp, practice bushcraft or love putting them all together!

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