Water Body: How Water Influences Human Health & Life

Sadhguru answers two questions from Cdr Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy, the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo by sail, non-stop. Cdr Tomy asks if it’s possible to go several days without drinking water, and whether the Moon and Sun have an influence on the human body, as they have upon the waters of planet Earth.

Sadhguru Talks @ Spot On, Sep 2015


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/water-body-water-influences-human-health-life/

Moderator: Sadhguru, this question is coming from Commander Abhilash Tomy.

Sadhguru: Oh!

Moderator: He is a Indian Naval Officer, the first Indian to complete a solo unassisted non-stop circumnavigation under sail. He’s also an Isha meditator who practiced Shambhavi every day on the boat during his trip.

Sadhguru: Hey, it must be some inspiration for all of you
Moderator: So two questions. The first one is – I have heard a discourse by you Sadhguru where you said that drinking excess water all through the day is not healthy. What if you don’t drink water and you don’t feel thirsty for days, is that normal? The second question – the way the moon and the sun exert their influence on water bodies, causing tides, do they also exert such influence on human and animal bodies?

Sadhguru: About not drinking water… This must have happened to Abhilash… when he was on the ocean. I want you to understand this. If… Being on the ocean for maybe two months or three months all by yourself, one man boat, means you really have to be in tune with what’s around you, many ways – in some ways where you can logically understand, in many ways that nobody understands but they know it works like that. Anybody who’s been at sea for long periods of time has this sense. Anybody who’s flying for a certain period of time, they have a sense with the wind and the air in a certain way. Not all of it is scientific knowledge, not all of it is intellectually correct but they just know that’s how it is and it always works that way because… Like every other creature which lives in water, they know things which no naval officer will know.

A dolphin or a whale or a shark knows things about the ocean and water and its behavior which no oceanographer knows in the world because it’s not an intellectual understanding, you’re part of that. So in some way, someone who wants to go around the world in a boat all by himself, in a sailboat, without any engines or anything, obviously you get into tune with water around you, otherwise it wouldn’t really work for you. First of all, you won’t mentally survive that. Forget about physically making it, mentally you wouldn’t survive that unless there is a certain affinity between you and that element.

So when you’re in such a state, you know, particularly being in the ocean, largely being in the sun, The respiration process in the skin is greatly enhanced when you are in a condition like that and you’re on the water surface, so naturally humidity will be there. You are taking in water – not through your mouth, but you’re continuously taking in water. If you want to check, you check your weight. Get into the bathtub, sit there for half an hour and check your weight, you will be certain number of grams higher because body will take in water.

So (Laughs)… No, I had some nasty joke, let’s skip that (Laughs). So, this body does soak up water, either with contact or with humidity in the air. So this ability may not be same from one person to another. One person may be doing it at a higher rate than someone else. And those of you getting all creamed up from head to toe, you must know this that in many ways, you’re taking away your contact with the existence. Grease up the entire skin, it won’t breathe. When it doesn’t breathe, its contact with air and water and world around you… Your general sensitivity will go down. Your neuronal system, I mean your nervous system will lose its sensitivity because the contact, the outer… outermost contact is being blocked up…

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/water-body-water-influences-human-health-life/


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