The Truth Behind Bottled Water | pH Level Water Test

Mr Traveler and I actually tested 10 pH levels of some popular bottled water brands, soda, & tap water. What we realized was an amazing eye opener to say the least. We then tested the water that comes from Florida tap water and found another surprising result, that was shocking. Please watch this video and educate yourself on the water you are drinking because it can effect your health & well being in the future. I am a “Health Nut” with Double Science Degrees and a passion for beauty meets health… so I might as well start using them on my channel. Coming from my medical background, I wanted to share how I decided to test the water I was drinking!!!

Importance of Water 0:53
pH Level Test Scale Education 5:17
Types of Waters 6:06
*pH Level Water Test * 9:00

⇢RESULTS Of pH Level Water Test 12:49


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