The Key To Health: Treating Water With Reverence

During a talk with the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and other government officials, on the banks of the Narmada river, Sadhguru speaks about living a healthy life. He explains that among the five elements, the pancha bhutas, that make up all creation, if we are a little conscious of the water and air elements, and pay a little attention to what we consume, we will rarely need medical help.



This whole (Laughs)… You know, in the world, we are building medical infrastructure in such a way that today, all of us are expecting some day we will all be seriously ill. It need not be so (Laughs). If you live wi… with Narmadaji (Referring to the river Narmada) it need not be so (Laughs). And not just her, there’re many others. It need not be so if you know how to manage the elements. If not all of them, it’s very easy to bring water and air into your control. These are the two elements, which are easily accessible. If you do this combination well and little conscious about what you consume, you will never go to the doctor.

There was a time, for the whole town there used to be one doctor and it was enough. Today, every street has five doctors and it’s not enough. This shows how we are living. When we forget how to live, when we do not respect what makes our life – the… the earth tha… that we walk upon, air that we breathe, water that we drink, the very sky that holds us in place – when we have no respect and reverence for that, how they behave within us is very different. Today, there is substantial scientific evidence to show that water has tremendous memory. If you just generate a thought looking at the water, the molecular structure of the water will change. Just a look – the molecular structure of the water will change. If you touch it, it will change. How you touch it is very important.

So, now for example, they’re keeping it in a copper vessel with a flower on top of it because this is the god. What other god? If you don’t drink water for one wa… one day, this is the only god, no other god (Laughs), isn’t it? So how you treat the water, the memory remains for a long period. So before we consume it or before it touches our body, how we treat the water changes the quality of everything in our system. This is a science we’ve always known but today, modern science has done enormous amount of experimentation on this. Now they’re saying water is a liquid computer. The volume of memory and intelligence this carries by itself, it is a liquid computer. This is what they’re saying, it’s a fluid computer.

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