UPDATE: Hydroblu, another backpacking filter manufacturer, contacted me and said they wanted to make it right, and step up where sawyer wouldn’t. They sent me a replacement for my sawyer squeeze. They sent a versa flow lightweight filter. They have great customer service and stand behind their product. Big thanks to Hydroblu! ?

Please don’t take this video the wrong way. It is just a warning to check your filter before you leave on a long trip. This isn’t a “rant” video. Just having some fun. ?

Also, some people have said it was my fault the filter failed due to me running “tap” water through it. Not sure how you can backflush a clogged filter, with “filtered” water, when your filter, doesn’t filter….think about that… am I supposed to buy another filter, to filter my filter?? Here we go again…?

Ahh..the sawyer water filter. Good filter till something goes wrong. Don’t count on sawyers lifetime warrantee. If your filter stops working, your on your own. Just make sure your filter is working before you leave the house. Remember only you can prevent your sawyer filter from starting forest fires..err

Sawyer squeeze fail video part 1

This sawyer water filter was only used 15 to 20 times. It never had a reduced flow rate indicative of a clogged filter. It was backlashed very well and put away. Next trip it stopped working. Ive seen inside of these sawyer filter and the filter medium is fragile, and can break easily under extreme pressure. Soaking the filter did nothing. even over night.

Sawyer squeeze fail video part 1

Backpacking water filters..are they even needed in the first place??