Replace a Whirlpool Model No. WHKF-DWH Under-Sink Mounted Water Filter

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Replacing a filter in an under-sink mounted water filtration system is an easy fix and a task that needs to be performed regularly. In just a few minutes you can ensure you have cleaner, filtered water to drink from your tap.

This is a basic water filter. It’s a Whirlpool Model No. WHKF-DWH. The drop-in replacement filter is Model No. WHKF-GAC. Both the unit and the replacement filters are available at Lowe’s, for about and , respectively.

The filter unit comes with a specially designed “wrench” that slips over the filter housing, aligning with the ridges manufactured into unit. A quick twist loosens the housing to remove the old filter and replace with a fresh one.

Again, this is a basic model. It filters out sediment and reduces or eliminates odors from water. It needs to be replaced every 6 months. I’ve gone longer than that and though I haven’t noticed any difference in the taste of the water I have seen a slight decrease in water pressure. A new filter resolves that issue.

It’s a quick fix for a simple unit. A more sophisticated (and expensive) unit is really a better bet, but as a first-line pre-filtration system, it’s a good value.

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