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Water Experts Discuss Quality Issues at Home and Abroad, as Well as the Latest Venture to Provide Clean Water Around the World

Celebrities and Cultural Influencers Climb Tallest Mountain in Africa to Benefit the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program

DANIEL HILL, Water Quality Scientist
DR. GREG ALLGOOD, Director, Childrens Safe Drinking Water Program


Do you know whats in your water? With one in 10 Americans exposed to drinking water that contains dangerous chemicals, water quality should be on every familys mind. And because most of todays water pollution has no scent or taste, many people who consume dangerous chemicals do not realize it, even after they become sick. By-products from chlorine, along with lead, sometimes show up in our tap water in addition to agricultural pollutants, heavy metals, sediment, pharmaceuticals and microbial cysts.

The problem is not limited to the US alone – every day, 4,000 children in developing countries die from illness and disease related to unsafe drinking water. With no running water, many families are forced to drink from rivers and streams contaminated with bacteria, parasites and viruses, which contribute to a prevalence of illnesses that cause widespread death.

In order to help, some of the hottest names in the music and entertainment industries, including actresses Jessica Biel and Isabel Lucas, are going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, to raise awareness and funds for the Childrens Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program and other life-saving clean water efforts. The program, SUMMIT ON THE SUMMIT, was created by Grammy-nominated musician Kenna, whose father nearly lost his life as a child after contracting a water-borne disease from drinking contaminated water. The climb is taking place at the beginning of January 2010.

What are some of the issues with water quality in the US?
What can Americans do to make sure their tap water is safe?
What is water quality like outside of the US?
What is SUMMIT ON THE SUMMIT and why is this climb significant?
Who will be climbing?
What is the PUR Purifier of Water and how does it work?
How can people show their support for the climb and make donations?

Daniel Hill is a Research and Development Senior Scientist at Procter and Gamble (P&G), working in the companys Personal Health category for over ten years. Now dedicated solely to the PUR Water Filtration business, Hill uses his expertise in consumer understanding to ensure consumer needs and desires are translated into PUR product design and technical specifications. Mr. Hill holds BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Greg Allgood is the Director of the Childrens Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW) at Procter & Gamble and Senior Fellow in Sustainability. The focus of CSDW is provision of safe drinking water through a novel household water treatment product called PUR Purifier of Water. Dr. Allgood was named as an Internationalist of the Year in 2008 by Internationalist Magazine for helping shape P&Gs global image. Dr Allgood is chair of the advocacy and communications working group of WHOs International Network to Promote Household Water Treatment and Safe. He serves on the Advisory Boards of the Global Health Working Group of the Clinton Global Initiative and Aquaya Institute. He is a frequent lecturer on public private partnerships, sustainability, and safe drinking water in the developing world. Follow him on Twitter at @DrGregAllgood.