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Created by Glen Caulkins, the Pristine Hydro system works to remove 100 percent of all chemicals, acids, and pollutants from the water. Then it revitalizes it back to a near-natural state, which is the ideal condition for the body. After all, that’s how nature intended water to be consumed. A study by Cornell University found that environmental factors, like water pollution, are responsible for up to 40 percent of global deaths each year. Pristine works to combat this with three different models that use a proprietary 10-step filtration and revival process. The under-counter model that goes for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five dollars installs a tank and faucet in your home. The travel unit for 800 dollars can be taken anywhere. And the last is the counter-top model for one thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars that attaches to a standard faucet and dispenses into a ceramic crock. So if you want to drink and use natural and clean water, head to