My Healthy Way 800ml water bottle infusers PBA free plastic detox yoga fitness get healthy

A LOOP TO HOLD for easy carrying.Give your body the infused nutrients it deserves- anywhere you go!This travel bottle is economically for traveling and sports drinks.
EASY TO AD ICE/FRUITS via the opening and A FREE Recipes E-book on water bottle infusers will be sent to you within 3 to 5 days after your purchase.To make your own Infused Water Is Awesome! It detoxes, gives energy and hydrates.
BPA/EA FREE Eastman Tritan plastics.This infused fruit water bottle has a secure lid will keep your delicious infused creation from leaking or spilling out unexpectedly. This PBA FREE water bottle is designed for holding both carbonated water and cold fruit infused water.
ECO-FRIENDLY Easy to clean Easy to refill and dishwasher safe!You can take this water bottle with built-in fruit infuser anywhere: for travel, to the beach, on a boat cruise, to class or university, the gym, to Hot Yoga , or to your other health and fitness activities.
NO LEAKING- Extra large 800ml size – long lasting.This fruit infused water bottle has No funny after taste or smell .

Has any of these scenarios happened to you?
Do you like to give your body the most healthy juices?
– Does your flip flop lid broke off your water bottle?
– Has your bottle been almost empty when your are in the middle of a class?
– Has your bottle leaked all over your bag.
– Your friend asks you if your water bottle is BPA-free ?And Your water instantly feels dirty and toxic?
– Do you wake up in the morning and want something fresh and healthy?

Now you can detox and loose weight using your “My Healthy Way” fruit water bottle. You simply add your flavor to your drinking water full of vitamins and great taste. Now you can forget about soda, flavored coffee, and sugar filled drinks forever!

Now with your infused fruit water bottle you can control your weight and overall health with your fruit infuser water bottle!
– Secure design and top-rated material like PBA free Titan Plastic
– Easy to add ice/fruits via the opening
– Easy to clean removable tube
– Carbonated water friendly
– Extra large 800ml size
– Eco-friendly
– Now you can control your weight and health

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