Katadyn BeFree Upgrade! – Larger Water Bag & Gravity Filter System

Using the Katadyn BeFree Water Filter w/ a HydraPak Seeker 2L reservoir & gravity filter tubing setup. http://www.sintax77.com

After a previous review of the Katadyn BeFree water filter, I discovered and acquired a compatible water reservoir bag that would increase my filtering capacity to 2L – the HydraPak Seeker collapsible water bottle (also available in a 3 liter version). The main challenge with the BeFree filter is finding a water bottle or reservoir with wide mouth 42mm threads, which the HyrdaPak has.

Link to full Blog Post: http://www.sintax77.com/katadyn-befree-upgrade-larger-water-bag-gravity-filter-system

In the video I go over my thoughts and experiences using the Katadyn BeFree in conjunction with the HydraPak Seeker 2L and Sawyer Squeeze 64 oz Pouch as part of a gravity water filter system, as well as a stand alone squeeze style system using just the HydraPak Seeker and BeFree.

System Components Seen in the Video & Amazon Links for current pricing:

Katadyn Befree Water Filter With Hydrapak 0.6L Collapsible Flask http://amzn.to/2pl1ASx
Hydrapak Seeker 2L Water Storage Bag, Mammoth Grey (for dirty water) http://amzn.to/2pl3UZV
Sawyer Inline Adapters for Screw On Filters http://amzn.to/2pkZORi
1/4″ Food Grade Plastic Tubing http://amzn.to/2q3UmS5
Sawyer Squeeze Bag – 64 oz Pouch (for clean water) http://amzn.to/2r0YQpI

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