Homebrew DIY: Easy Water Filter Setup | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews

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Here is the parts list as listed in the video. All of these items were purchased at Lowes.


Gilmore water shutoff————AS1FFMGF—————-.98
Watts swivel hose adapter———-A662——————-.96
Gilmore 2 piece QD—————-09QCGF—————–.88
Watts tapped hose adapter———A665——————-.82
Whirlpool House Filter———–WHCF-DWH—————.57
Whirlpool Filter .5 micron——-WHCF-DB1—————-.68
Lasco 3/4″ male pvc adapter———————————-$.27
Lasco 3/4″ 90˚ pvc elbow————————————–$.28
Length of 3/4″ pvc remant pipe——————————-$.50