Healthy Water Man

How Water Filters Work. Whole House
Important information all woman need to know.
Studies show that woman that die with breast cancer have 50 to 60% higher levels of chlorine byproducts in the breast tissue then woman with out breast cancer.
Up to 100 times more contaminants that cause disease, enter your body through skin absorption and inhalation when you bathe or shower. Not by drinking the water. If the foundation (water) is of poor quality, the expectation of good health and longevity will never be fulfilled.
Anything you do now to better your life will be to your advantage.
You can eat very healthy but if the foundation (water) is of poor quality, you will never see the full benefit from your efforts.
In terms of cumulative damage to your health, showering in chlorinated Treated water could be one of the greatest risks you take everyday.