Flint Mi. Water , Whole House Water Filtration System 12/28/2015

I installed a whole house water system in my home because City Of Flint I live in has not been truthful about our water and the contaminants in it. This system has been installed in my home now for exactly 30 days . I installed it on 11/28/2015 and today is 12/28/2015. Today I noticed I could smell and taste the water again when making some tea and after taking a shower so I thought it was time to maybe check the 3 month filters and this is what I found after just one month. (NASTY) Flint MI. has released information to its residents that its water has sediment and harmful chemicals in its water and tells us its doing its best to correct the problem. (Yeah Ok Whatever….. I believe you….NOT) Thank you for watching Joe Kiras. Don’t believe the hype.