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Alkaline Home Water Systems pH Prescription, 3210 SW 42nd Avenue, Palm City, FL 34990. Alkaline Water Filters produce living water that’s energized structured water full of electrons to keep your family healthy.
“In our practice of colorectal and rectal surgery, we need the best and most pure water for treating our patients. We realized that bad water kills and is an electron stealer. It creates oxidation which robs the body and the immune system of the ability to fight age and disease. Quality structured alkaline water provides the antioxidants we all need. It is an electron donor which puts out the oxidation fire. We use pH Prescription products to assure the best results for our patients.” – Dr. Debra DeMarta, MD, FACS, NSCA-CPT, CPTS-HON

pH Prescription Alkaline Filter is the true alkaline filter. It offers premium quality alkaline water and provides far better results than ordinary calcite alkaline filters. This filter has extended benefits including increasing the pH of tap water to 10, achieving an Oxidation Reduction Potential of -500mv, emitting far-infrared rays, and producing shorter cluster chains in the water molecule.

Don’t fall for cheap alkaline water knock-offs! pH Prescription is the true US manufacturer of the highest quality alkaline water filters and whole house water filters you can buy. See why our water filters are superior to other brands. Drinking pure clean water from our water filters have real health benefits that you can see and feel.

Our under-sink reverse osmosis water filter is a filtration process that offers many benefits such as:

Delicious tasting purified Water for better health benefits
Higher filtration process. Removes more harmful contaminants and toxins in your water – up to 99%.
Raises Alkaline pH to 8.5 – 9.5 to help reduce acidity in the body, a significant cause of many illnesses.
Increases oxygen and electrons in the water to make “living” water.
Water molecules are re-structured for better cell membrane assimilation and hydration.
Water is energized for antioxidant anti-aging properties.

We have counter-top faucet models and under-sink reverse osmosis drinking water filters that provide clean pure alkaline drinking water. We can even make a custom alkaline and pH drinking water filter adapted for your particular city water or well water contaminants.

Alkaline Water Filter Benefits – Dr DeMarta on PH Prescription Water Filters

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