Why Drinking Healthy Water At Home

Looking for the best water filter for your house ?
Which type of water is healthy water ?
Its so confusing in the market place with so many products saying this or that is the best.
Firstly, you have to ask yourself a few questions.
Is mineral water healthy?
what is alkaline water ?
Is tap water safe?
Is distilled water safe to drink?
How about bottled alkaline water. There are so many alkaline water brands in the market place
that claims they are the best. But do their expensive price justify that?
And the expensive alkaline water machine that cost in the thousands!
Are they really that good ?
I have done a test, to show you which is the best and you be the judge.
For the long term, you need to have economical but healthy water for your house.
You will need to have a whole house water filter. But understanding what types
of filters you need will be your first step. This will provide you a clear understanding
to making the best whole house water filter.
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