Water Filtration Reinvented: Introducing the Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System

Great-tasting, healthy filtered water is just seconds away with the Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System. Using patent-pending ClaryumTM filtration technology, the Aquasana pitcher filter system uses power to deliver ultra-pure filtered water faster than the leading gravity-based pitcher filter on the market. By using power, Aquasana reduces 10x more contaminants than the leading pitcher filter including chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury, and is the only pitcher filter tested to reduce chloramines (chlorine + ammonia disinfectant). Plus, it retains the healthy, naturally occurring minerals in your water such as calcium, potassium and magnesium that reverse osmosis systems remove. The slim design includes a 1-gallon dispenser for on demand water at the touch of a button as well as a ½ gallon pitcher that easily fits in your fridge door. The system includes your first ClaryumTM filter that lasts six months or 320 gallons, giving you 8x more filtration capacity than the leading pitcher filter. Get faster filtration, more contaminant removal, longer lasting filters for half the price per gallon compared to the leading gravity-based pitcher filter. All components are BPA free.