The Best Water to Drink in the World for Your Health

John from shares the best water he enjoys drinking to maximize his health.

In this episode, John will share his opinions about water and the best kind of water he likes to drink. You will learn more about if the best water is tap water, filtered water, spring water, reverse osmosis water or distilled water, or another type of water.

You will some of the problems that are in certain kinds of waters and why the minerals in those waters may not be good for you.

You will discover the Best Living water for health: Coconut water and why John loves coconut water so much.

You will learn the top 5 reasons why John believes coconut water is the best beverage on earth.

You will also discover the vegetable juice combination that John likes to hydrate with when he is unable to get coconut water to drink.

After watching this episode, you will learn about one of the healthiest waters on earth to drink that has been filtered by plants, not man.

After watching this episode, you will the best water on earth, and why you should drink it more often.

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