Solar UV Water Purification System

An easy-to-install water purification unit that functions independent of the Grid, an ideal solution to remotely process and filter clean and safe drinking water that is also chemical free. The system only requires sunlight to operate where the solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts this energy to power the ultraviolet light inside the unit. This ultraviolet light removes and kills bacteria, viruses, worm eggs, protozoa as well as other known pathogens.

If the system is not functioning correctly, or there is insufficient sunlight, it will automatically shut down for safety. Water can be added via a reservoir, well, lake, river or stream which is poured into the unit. Additionally, a battery can be added to store surplus energy for use of the unit when there is no sunlight.

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Drag Reducer Chemical Supplier and Application Specialists

Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) or Drag Reducers (DR) are chemical agents used to reduce frictional pressure loss caused by turbulence in pipelines.