Seychelle Water Filter Bottles

Seychelle Water Filters

Seychelle water filter bottles are a logical alternative to commercially bought bottled water — after all, if you are planning to walk around carrying a bottle of water in any case, why not carry a bottle with a built-in filter which can process many gallons of life-sustaining fluid, rather than a single use of stale water full of BPA? These compact, portable filters are even designed with the main problem of bottled water in mind, and are fashioned out of plastics that do not contaminate the water held inside them.

Some Seychelle water filter bottles are made out of stainless steel instead. Sizes include 18 ounce, 24 ounce, 27 ounce, and 28 ounce bottles, while there are both flip top and pull top variants as well. Some filters are made to handle standard contamination threats, while others can handle radiological problems also.

These filters make excellent portable companions wherever water filtration is needed — which is practically everywhere today, since both industry and the sewage of a massive human population have left their traces in almost every body of fresh water on the planet.
Flip tops, pull tops, materials

The configurations that Seychelle water filter bottles come in vary not only by size, but also by construction material and the type of tops they feature. Flip tops have a small spigot that can be folded out to open it, or folded shut to close it off. Pull top bottles have a top that operates like many dishwashing detergent bottles or much of the bottled water in the store; pulling up on the sliding nozzle, which fits over a central peg, opens the bottle, while pushing it down closes it.

The plastic filtration bottles are made out of LDPE (low-density polyethylene), which contains no BPA and is therefore safe as a container for drinking water. This plastic can be recycled — it has the recycling number “4” — but the bottles are made to last in any case.

Seychelle water filter bottles also come in a stainless steel variant, said to be the only filter bottles made of this material in the world. Stainless steel is chemically neutral to water, providing a good, clean flavor, and the bottles are also quite tough and durable. A typical stainless steel bottle from the company weighs 0.9 pounds (empty), making it lightweight and easy to carry. These bottles come in five different metallic colors: steel, pink, red, black and blue

Filters and features of Seychelle water filter bottles

The filter cartridge itself is the core of any portable water filtration system, and without a good filter, the best casing design in the world is in vain. Seychelle water filter bottles are made with three different kinds of filters, regular, Standard and Advanced. They all provide good filtration in a limited space, with the Advanced naturally extending the purification capabilities a bit farther:

Standard filters provide 100 gallons of water before the cartridge needs to be replaced. Dirt, sediment, colors, chlorine, and odors are all purged from water filtered through these cartridges. Heavy metals, asbestos, detergents, pesticides, and such microorganisms as Giardia and cryptosporidium are removed safely from the water, too.

Advanced filters add iodinated resin that can filter out viruses and bacteria even more efficiently, making them capable of rendering even the filthiest water potable. The resin removes 99.9999% or more of these organisms and is EPA approved.

Regular Filter The Regular filter removes chlorine, chemicals (VOCs), heavy metals and Radon 222. Since it is more open in porosity, it does not remove giardia, cryptosporidium or E-Coli. It is designed to be used as a drinking water filter for use with chlorinated municipal water and as a bottled water replacement.

Additionally, there are radiological filters that take out 100% of nuclear contaminants such as strontium, radon 222, plutonium, cesium 137, radioactive iodine 131, and so forth.

Besides their filtration systems, Seychelle water filter bottles show thoughtful design in several other regards. For example, the diameter of the bottles — 4″ — is made to fit neatly and easily into bike rack holders or car cup holders of the standard size. The stainless steel variants also come with non-slip bases to make them stand upright on a smooth surface more reliably.

As a final pleasant detail for those who prefer to buy products made by their fellow countrymen, all Seychelle water filter bottles are made in the United States. For American customers, this means that these filters are both practical and patriotic.