Sediment Filter for my RO/DI Water Filter System

Drinkable Reverses Osmosis Setup with a sediment pre-filter Setup.
My reverse osmosis drinking water filter system clogged up too early (in 3 months). so i realized i have to add a pre-filter. I added a cleanable sediment filter water. I share my setup to help other people.

couple of key points when buying a reverse osmosis water filter
a. always buy a water filter filter which uses standard filters. so you are not stuck with proprietary filters. they come in 4 standard sizes. depending on how much water you use.
1. 10″ x 2.5″
2. 10″ x 4.5″
3. 20″ x 2.5″
4. 20″ x 4.5″
mine is first one. means smallest one.
b. basic reverse osmosis systems are 5 stage filters.
1st stage: sediment filter, 5 micron
2nd stage: carbon filter, 5 micron
3rd stage: sediment or carbon filter, 1 micron
so basically in first 3 stage some use 2 sediment and 1 carbon filter, some use 1 sediment and 2 carbon filters.
4th stage: Reverses osmosis filter
5th stage: post inline filter.
this is a basic reverses osmosis filter setup.

c. i have the one which have 3 more filters between 4th and 5th stage.
1. DI filter. De-ionization filter. adding this really cleans water down to 0 TDS. now we can have 0 TDS water. which can be used to create colloidal silver water. (those of you who don’t know what is colloidal silver water. search “colloidal silver” on youtube)
after DI water water that comes out is really just H2O. which is clean but not healthy to drink. its PH value is 5.5. which is quite acidic.
d. now adding another filter which calls PH filter or mineral filter bring PH balance of water to around 8. which is much healthier to drink, specially for cancer patients. that’s what i would like to drink.

Now i added a sediment filter as a pre-filter for my RO filter. so i don’t have to purchase filters too often. after doing much research i ended up between 2 pre-filters.
now pro and cons of those filters.
PROS: It comes with a really nice feature. that when filter clogs up. you can just twist the filter on top. which makes it inlet outlet and outlet inlet. water flow from inside out to force all the dust out and drains in out. which cleans up filter very well. lookup “LAKOS TWIST2CLEAN” on youtube to see how it works.
CONS: available mesh size are 600 micron to 74 micron. so it only filters really big particles. that means my RO filter does not get much advantage.
this water filter comes in 2 brand name. ORBIT and RUSCO. but they are exactly same. best prices on ebay is around . but i found it on homedepot website for around .97. here is the link
but homedepot also sell another filter exactly like ORBIT/RUSCO without any name brand. which is just called “sediment filter” and it was only .97. so same filter like ORBIT and RUSCO with no name brand and less price. you do the math. i bought this one which you see in the video. here is the link for this filter.
PROS: it comes pre-installed with a 100 mesh. which is 152 micron. now that filters only huge particles. but we have choice to purchase it from 711 micron down to 15 micron. i actually wanted to have a 10 or even 5 micron. but still 15 micron is pretty good for a whole house sediment water filter. this extra 15 micron filter cost me around from ebay.
CONS: it have a feature to flush all the dirt down. but it does NOT have a feature like LAKOS TWIST2CLEAN to flush it from inside out. which does better cleaning.

so here is what i did.
i purchased homedepot no name brand sediment filter. bought extra 1000 mesh (15 micron) filter. but i did extra plumbing so i can reverse the water flow so i can clean it from inside out just like LAKOS water filter.

Now i got the perfect setup. i got a 15 micron cleanable pre-filter and option to flush it from inside out.

if you have a big home like me. this 15 micron filter is going to slow down the water pressure if you open more than couple of faucets at the same time. but remember i have 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 laundry. i noticed it causes a drop of flow when using many of them at the same time. but this should not be a problem for 1 or 2 bathroom. but for me i am going to add another 15 micron sediment filter parallel to this one. that would give me double the water flow and should take care of this the problem. i would make another video after i install my 2nd filter.

** when i was making this video. i was not sure if viewers would be able to see the difference when i will flush the filter. but you can. watch in HD to see the difference when filter is flushed.

This is not a medical advice. I am not responsible for anything. just sharing my setup.