Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Review & Demo

This was my first field test with the Sawyer Squeeze Filter and I must say I am quite happy with the results. Ease of use could not be simpler. I used a 1 quart freezer bag to fill the filter bag. With the use of a tornado sold at you will have a fool proof set up. The tube itself will have to be shortened on the length of each end to get the threads to catch properly and get a good seal. this can be done easily enough with a small metal saw and cleaned up with some sandpaper. If the seal with the tube is not perfect no worries because it has already passed through the filter at this point and is clean water. 🙂 If your bag is a bit hard to squeeze and the water is comming out noticeably slower you may have picked up some sediment. No worries. Just unscrew the bag from the filter and squeeze the bottle to flush clean water back through the filter. The bags them selves seem plenty strong enough. The only way a can see rupturing the bag is if you have a clogged filter and start squeezing harder.