RUSCO Spin Down and Sediment Trapper Water Filter Systems Aquaman features the RUSCO spin down and sediment trapper water filters. The RUSCO water filters are designed for sediment removal of large particle size sediment 100 microns and larger. Sand is typically 100-150 microns. With their unique cyclone “spin down” action, the RUSCO water filters self clean the filter element. Designed to be infinitely reusable, each RUSCO sediment filter has a flush valve that allows the user to purge out the collected sediment rather than having to replace the filter element. Filter elements are available in a variety of micron ratings and in both polyester or stainless steel varieties. These extremely durable water filters are perfect for pre-irrigation system or pre-softener filtration. Also available in chemical resistant and high temperature versions, RUSCO offers a product for nearly every sediment water filter application. Aquaman is a Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialist. His training and experience have given him a deep understanding of water chemistry and water purification equipment. This enables him to provide scientifically accurate information that you can trust!