Rusco Filters, Sediment Filters for Whole House, Business, and Industrial Water Filtration

Having problems with sand or sediment in your water? Rusco Filters are the ideal solution for removing sand and sediment from water for your home, irrigation systems, business, and industrial applications. Rusco started in 1985 with the introduction of the Rusco Spindown Sediment and Sediment Trapper water filters .Consumers and businesses raved over the Rusco filters, sometimes referred to as Vu-Flow sediment filters, because it is an alternative to the standard throw-away type filters. The benefit of the Spindown Rusco filter is its ability to be cleaned and reused. The tornado (spin-down action) effect created by the patented process is unique design of the Rusco sediment trapper element which allows debris to settle in the bottom of the clear cover, trapping sediment away from the screen. Rusco filters, sometimes referred to as Vu Flow filters or Campbell filters, are manufactured in the USA from NSF approved materials.