Reverse Osmosis REPAIR Auto Shut Off Check Valve Water Filter GXRM10G GE drain running

Fixed my system with a part. Short demo video. Troubleshoot and fix replace repair problem tutorial filters leaking how to

My reverse osmosis water filter system would run continuously down the drain even after the storage tank became full. The owners manual and online help showed the problem was either the auto shut off valve or the check valve.

The check valve was the faulty part in my case and after replacing it now runs like new. I googled the part # and ordered it online, it arrived 3 days later.

I decided to make a short video since these kind of videos have helped me in the past and hopefully someone will find this useful.

GE under sink reverse osmosis water filtration system GXRM10G auto shutoff valve ws22x10038 check valve ws22x10040 fx12m fx12p constant flow water running