R O Tack Water Technology

We are Manufacturer and Service Provider of Water Treatment Plants, Domestic & Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Filters, Water Softener, Chemicals and Equipments.
We would like to introduce ourselves as Water Treatment & Engineering services Organization. As we are involved in all types of business related to water & waste water, since 2001.
It is an established fact that supply of safe & clean water has become a problem all over the world especially in Pakistan. This is the reason that “R.O.Tack Water Technology” offers standard line of products developed for a specific application or built to meet a supplied specification for that purpose over a period of decade. The company’s responsible engineering and designing services are key part of its success.
In addition, we also offer full line of water treatment system components and chemicals such as ion exchange resins. Activated carbon filters media chambers and valves both for our own equipment and for many other major manufacturers.
Our Services
Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturer
Industrial Reverse Osmosis System
Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant
Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturer
Sea Water Desalination System
Brackish Water Treatment Plant
Wastewater / Sewage Treatment Plant
R.O Antiscalant / Anticorrosive Flocon Chemicals
Membrane Cleaning Chemicals
Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer
Water Softener
Ultra Filtration UF Plant
Desalination Plant Manufacturer
Swimming Pool Services & Equipment
Sand Filtration System
Ozonators O3 For Mineral Water Plant
Moveable / Mobile Filtration Plant
Coconut Granular Activated Carbon
Ultraviolet Sterilizers & UV Lamps
Whole House Mainline Filtration Plant
Dow Filmtec, Hydranautics R.O Membranes USA
Mineral / Chemical Dosing Pumps
Water Filtration Plant with Arsenic Removal & Water Chillers
Grundfos, Lowara High Pressure Pumps
Digital & Manual Water Flow Meters
SDI Kits and Spares
Cat-ion Resin Cartridge
Replacement Cartridges for Water Filters
Mineral Water / Pet Bottles
Softening through ion exchange
Aqua Domestic Drinking Water Filters
Quartz Sleeve Hard Silica Glass
Electric Module For UV Lamp
Service, Maintenance, Consultancy
Liquid And Gas Chlorinators