Part 1 – How a Home Water Softener Works –

In part 1 of this very informative video series, the owner of Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment – –
Hagerstown, Maryland describes the basics of a home well system and begins his overview of how a residential water softener operates. Scott Handy starts with where the well line enters the basement and also the control box and Pumptec Plus well pump controls are shown and explained. Well system 40/60 pressure switch, gauge and large holding tank are shown along with summary explanations. Following the main shut off valve, the flow pathways are shown to the prefilter, and up to the bypass. Some cation exchange water softening resin is then actually shown and described. A close-up of the bypass and Autotrol valve is shown, also the electronic demand control is described and the five cycles are explained. Scott then starts his description about the major components of a resin tank, including the basket riser tube and resin level in a 32,000 grain water softener.
Mr. Water Professional Water Treatment – – is a local full service well and city water softening and conditioning contractor serving customers in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania.