natural water purifier for home

this is a natural water harm ever also life long capacity no maintenance required.first up all,i suggest””if your septic tank not far than 30 to 40 meter from your well at least then boil the purified water before drink
.”this purifier design just for one single tap(if you are using portable purifier you can use it instead of it).if you required full home water supply purification then build the purification unit only (no need to build storage tank unit)and connect the out put of the purifier back to the mail supply pipe back.thats it.even if you have enough space then you can make one single tube purifier 5 to 6 feet long one.i have space limitation thats why i make it 2 unit purifier.
materials required for this
2,25feet 6 ” pvc pipe –2 nos(purifier)
1.75feet 6″ pvc pipe –1 nos(storage tank)
6 to 3/4 reducer ———6 nos
3/4 valve ———————-4 nos
3/4 pvc pipe——————requied lenth
6″ saddle————————-6+ nos
fevicol sr————————–50ml
raw material
150 to 200 chiratta kari
vellarm kallu–5 to 8 kg(easy available from fish tank(alankara malsyam)sellers
sand——————1 bag

i build the unit in the floor also fill the raw material so the unit was HEAVY to lift and fix in the wall also experience leakage issue after i fix the purifier in the wall because of the 6″pipe and reducer not exact i suggest fix 2″ wood piece first on the wall then fix the 6″pipe on the wood piece using 6″ obtain a handling space between purifier and wall.then fix the reducer down side after this fill the row material step by if you experience any leakage can access all around the unit,
also use star bond or high quality solvent to bond the joints after bonding use araldate /m seal to ensure perfect sealing…so try this natural water purifier in your home and comment here your opinion findings,new ideas to upgrade this purifier with a latest version…
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jocy thomas