Mizu Shingen Mooncake 水信玄月餅 – Tasty & Healthy Water Mochi Mooncake – MOMA Recipes

Mizu Shingen Mochi 水信玄餅 is a clear water mochi that is spherical, apparent to the morning dew on a leaf. Clean taste with a hint of sweetness and soft texture that melts in the mouth.

Have a happy and healthy Mid-autumn Festival with MOMA’s healthy and easy to make low calorie mooncake alternative.

MOMA Mizu Shingen Mooncake (MOMA水信玄月餅)

MOMA Mizu Shingen Mooncake (Low calories, makes 4 mooncakes)

Difficulty: Super Easy

You will need:

• MOMAwater
• 8g jelly powder
• 50g soybean
• 50g brown sugar
• Mooncake mold

Steps to make:

• Dissolve 8g jelly powder into 15mL MOMAwater and set aside
• Boil 300mL MOMAwater in a pot
• Combine jelly powder mixture into boiling water
• Pour combined mixture into mold and refrigerate for 3 hours

Brown Sugar Syrup & Soybean Powder
• Boil and dissolve 50g brown sugar with 50mL MOMAwater, set aside to cool
• Dry-roast soybean for 12 mins on medium heat and blend into powder

To Serve
• Gently remove mooncake from mold unto a plate
• Serve with brown sugar syrup and soybean powder on the side
• Enjoy

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