Intex 1600 gph sand filter and salt-water filtration system in operation

This is just a quick view and review of some recently added pool equipment. This will be our second season with the pool, but it’s original cartridge filter and pump could barely handle the work. The filter cartridges were expensive (-), hard to find as the season ended and only lasted about three days of continuous operation. And it really needed to operate continuously. This sand filter is usable in any above-ground pool up to 19000 Gal.

What Intex calls a Salt-Water Filtration System is not really a filter, it’s a sanitizer. It converts a small amount of salt (3000ppm) in the water to Chlorine and in the process dissolves copper ions into the water. The chlorine kills the germs and the copper kills the algae. This saves you a lot of money because you only need to add salt once, maybe twice a season and the salt is – for a 40 pound bag. I used 120lbs in my 5000 gallon pool.

If you’ve ever wondered if this stuff works well, take my word for it, it does. If you’ve always wanted a pool but don’t want to spend a fortune get one of these pools. If you already have a pool and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on pool chemicals each season, not to mention getting away from that chlorine residue in your hair, clothes and on your skin, get one of these salt-water units.