How to install an undersink water filter

Greg show how to install an unde rsink water filter and a dedicated spigot near the sink.

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This video shows every step in the installation: Where to place the spigot, drilling through the granite countertop, mounting the filter, and the use of both a push fitting and a ferrule ring fitting to join water supply tube ends.
We use a Body Glove filter for this installation, which provides some advantages over a reverse-osmosis system, although as with any filter system, it does not “purify” the water as completely as an RO system. However, the filter system is less expensive, does not produce waste water in the filtering process, and filters on demand – thus providing no opportunity for pre-filtered water to become “stale.”
Also see the video on How to Replace an Angle Stop (shut off valve) which was done in preparation for the water filter installation:

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