How to Filter and Purify Rainwater ( Earthship Style WOM )

This is a whole home water filtration and purification board I built to purify rainwater. Enjoy:)

Below are the links where I purchased some of the items in this video.

The uv light system I purchased from freshwater, I had a horrible experience with the company and staff. Do your research before purchasing, A attorney was needed in order to resolve my issue. did not want to replace the uv light that was delivered BROKEN!

2 pin battery quick connect –

Doulton Rio 2000 whole house water filter with 6 Ceramic Sterasyl Filters –

3/4 Inch Rusco Spin Down Separator Sand / Sediment Water Filter 20 GPM –

Rusco FS 3/4-1000 3/4″ 1000 mesh screen. –

Rusco FS 3/4-500 3/4″ 500 mesh screen. –