How To Choose UV Water Filter System For Your Home

How do you select the right UV System for your home?

The most important factor is the amount of effective UV light treating your water.
You’ll want a unit that provides the minimum dosage required to protect shield your family.
A dosage rating of 40 milli-joules of UV per square centimeter will protect against a wide range of dangerous pathogens including Giardia. E. coli, Salmonella, and even those that cause dysentery and hepatitis A.

The system’s UV chamber and lamp must be the correct size to ensure that all of your water receives the specified dosage. The flow rate of the water is a measurement that helps determine this size.
For many homes, 8-10 gallons per minute is a typical flow rate that will cover all incoming water needs.

Select the UV system where the dosage meets or exceeds your peak usage.
Include a pretreatment filter to keep solids in the ground water from degrading the performance of the UV lamp.

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