How to Change a Water Filter Aquaman gives a quick overview of a basic water filter cartridge change. He explains the proper use of the spanner wrench, what to do if you don’t have the spanner wrench, o-ring maintenance, proper lubrication, and water filter cartridge orientation. This video demonstrates how easy it is to change a water filter. Water filters trap contaminants that will eventually leach back into the water, if the water filter is not properly maintenanced. Scheduled water filter changes are vital for every water filter system owner. The principles in this video are common to most whole house water filters, under sink water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, and even countertop water filter systems. Aquaman is a Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialist. His training and experience have given him a deep understanding of water chemistry and water purification equipment. This enables him to provide scientifically accurate information that you can trust!