How Healthy is Your Tank Water?”….”the Answer is Raincatcher Pure Water Filtration


How Healthy is Your Tank Water?”….”the Answer is Raincatcher Pure Water Filtration”

The standard of water found in many Water Tanks would likely astound you. Our Raincatcher technicians service and clean water tanks throughout the greater Auckland Area.

AND… For people concerned with maintaining high quality drinking water year round, we also offer a more permenent solution to keeping your water clean and healthy. With unique and revolutionary technology, Raincatcher has designed a Filtration system that eliminates the contaminants that other systems fail to remove. At Raincatcher, we believe that all households and businesses on tank supply water should be enjoying the benefits of clean, healthy water for life.

There could be problems with Giardia and E-coli in your water tank right now. Generally most gutter protection systems on the market, whether they are in the spouting or down the pipe, are high maintenace and most importantly, inefficient. Discover what the Raincatcher® Triple Filter System can do to improve the quality of your water supply and the health of your family, business and animals. Once installed, our patented Filtration System is so efficient at preventing contamination, that you will no longer require the anual tank clean normally necessary with other filter systems. Improve your water quality at the same time as significantly cutting the on-going costs associated with tank cleaning maintenance.

We have the products and expertise to make this possible for you, without breaking the bank. In fact, when you request a Raincatcher Installation, you will be saving money in the long-term. Enquire today, why wait?

Caption relating to Video: “Check out our video as an example of what our technicians remove, before installing the Raincatcher Filtration System. You might be shocked at how inadequate other Filtration Systems are for keeping the water in your Tank clean and healthy. In contrast, once installed, the Raincatcher System is so efficient at keeping your water contaminant-free that your tank will never require another clean! We don’t just stop filth building up in your Tank, we stop it from ever getting there in the first place.”

Caption for Mr Rat photo: The Raincatcher system is proven to remove dirt, grit, leaves and debris before it enters your system. It is easy to clean and service. Look at what the famous Raincatcher Triple Filter System can trap! These nasties would otherwise be going into your tank. (See if you can spot the Rat!)