Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System

With the Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System, you can transform normal tap water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water.
• Alkaline — as water should be
• Antioxidants — to fight free radicals
• Mineralized with trace minerals people need
• Smaller molecular clusters for better cell absorption
• Clean, safe, tasty water — straight from your tap

Unique Patent-pending Technology with Patented Media!

For necessary antioxidant protection
When you drink hydrogen water, electrons in the hydrogen team up with the extra electrons in the free radicals in your body and convert them into harmless substances that are easily excreted from the body. Most of the free radicals become good old H2O! This makes hydrogen water an extremely effective antioxidant.
Helps restore pH balance
It’s important to know that Hexagon water is also alkaline. The body has natural alkaline buffers against excessive acidity so it can maintain blood pH at the optimum level. However, over-acidity can often occur after a prolonged period of bad eating and stress. Age can exacerbate this acidic situation.
When acidic waste starts to build up in the body from too much stress, poor eating habits (especially junk food) or just simply getting older, many ailments and health problems (some quite serious) can emerge.
By drinking Hexagon Hydrogen Alkaline water you can help to restore your alkaline buffer. And don’t worry, you can’t overdo it with this water and become too alkaline. You are simply helping your natural alkaline buffers to restore pH balance and to reduce health-robbing acid in your body For greater absorbability
Water from the Hexagon has smaller molecular clusters than normal water. This means that it can permeate the body’s cell membranes more rapidly and more efficiently to provide nutrients.
So any health food or supplement you take with Hexagon water can move into your cells more efficiently and be more effective because they are more bio-available and bio-retainable. It can’t get much better than that!
The patent-pending technology used in the Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration system generates additional “positive energy” in a number of different ways, making your water even more healthful.
Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System

With this device at your fingertips, you can transform normal tap water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water. Powerful technology makes it happen!
The Ceramic Filter removes micro-particulate matter.
The Alkali Block Filter is a specially blended mineral block that produces:
• Hydrogen-rich water
• Alkaline water with pH between 8 and 10
• Bio-available ionized minerals
The Ion Exchange Resins Filter helps to soften water for better taste and texture.
The Mineral Composition Filter makes the water sweeter by infusing it with trace minerals.
The E.A. Device is the first of its kind on the market. This patent-pending breakthrough:
• Infuses energy into water through natural spiraling movement. This rotation breaks water molecules down into smaller clusters, making them more absorbable.
The Magnetic Rings help to further break down the water molecule clusters.
The result ? Cleaner, safer and tastier water that can be easily absorbed by your cells and used more effectively by your body – not only to nourish and quench, but also to fight free radicals and excess acidic waste!

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