Healthy Waters 101: Water Quality Monitoring for Public Health

There are some who believe that we monitor water quality to protect the water itself, regulating to seemingly arbitrary water quality standards. Some believe that we monitor solely to protect endangered species and their habitat. For our own good, we mustn’t lose sight of another type of habitat protection. Two cornerstones of environmental protection are the assurance of safe drinking water and clean water for fishing and swimming. What we’re talking about is Healthy Waters for Healthy Humans! Around the turn of the 20th century, advances in environmental epidemiology and environmental engineering led to historic declines in US deaths from waterborne illnesses. One need only look at the death rate due to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene in underdeveloped countries around the world today to appreciate the protection afforded us here.

This webinar will discuss the public health significance of maintaining safe drinking water, healthy stocks of fish and shellfish, and clean water for recreation as well as for agricultural uses. This webinar will introduce water quality professionals to the agencies and associations of public health. This webinar will describe some of the less well-known water quality monitoring programs that interface with public health. Participants can expect to gain another tool to reach for when asked by their stakeholders “Why should I support water quality monitoring?” Healthy Waters for Healthy Humans!