Healthy Water From Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher ?

Looking for the best clearly filtered water pitcher ?
You have made a good choice to choose filtering water over other types of water like alkaline water machine, alkaline ionizer water machine, distilled water, tap water, etc.
Frankly, there are so many choices in the market place that you are confused as to which type of water is the best for your health.
Most people will tend to believe that the most expensive solution or products is the best. But you will be surprised that this is not necessarily true.
Here is a show on why filtering water is the best for one’s health.
Even better, is to choose a mineralised water filter where it clears all the impurities like flouride, lead, etc, and also fortified with minerals.
Not only is this economical , it also cost way lesser than the bottled alkaline water or the expensive alkaline ionizer machine. It is also more healthy.
Look at this video to see how we do a simple test by feeding several types of water on a plant to see which water makes the plant grows the fastest and healthiest!
Then you will know that filtered water fortified with minerals is the best solution!
You can’t go wrong with this test result.
Please feel free to comment on what you think.

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