Healthy Water, Amazing Health Benefits, REDUCE toxins

As a medical doctor, I only regret not finding this machine sooner. Our bodies can heal themselves if they are given the proper water. The alkaline charged water will allow you to better absorb nutrients from foods and even remove oil based toxic pesticides from produce! Disease fighting water is truly life changing!
This water machine does alkalyzed reduced water for drinking water. There are so many other uses for other pH waters. Reduce toxins in your water and in your household by not needing toxic cleaning products.
Hydrate your body with the ultimate free radical/toxin fighting water! Toxins cause free radicals which then cause inflammation. Inflammation and dehydration lead to a lot of disease states. Simplify your lifestyle and health by simply changing your water! The machine has a medical grade filter, medical grade Solid titanium plates coated with platinum, certified by numerous water agencies, and has a 5 year warranty! I have never seen such an amazing machine to benefit the health of everyone!