Healthy Oats Puttu|| Easy & Soft Oats Puttu | Healthy Breakfast ||Best for diet |Ep:255

Authentic Kerala Dishes with my personal Touch ?

Crushed Oats -1cup +1tbsp
Water -7tbsp
Grated coconut 3 tbsp +


Take two cups of oats..
Sieve and keep aside ..
Then take a blender and just whip into coarse powder ..
In a bowl add water ,salt and grated coconut(2tbsp),mix well..
Now to that slowly add oats powder and mix ..
Then u will get a hard dough type mix ..
Add this to the jar and into that add 1 tbsp of oats powder or one table of atta ..
Then just whip it ..
Now u will get soft puttu mix ..
To that again add 1tbsp of coconut and mix..
Check the salt and adjust ..
Boil water in a cooker ,in the puttu mould at first add 1tsp of grated coconut and then fill the mould with puttu mix..
Then place the mould in the cooker nozzle and and steam for 3-4 minutes or until the puttu is cooked well ..
A very nice aroma will spread when the puttu is perfectly cooked ..
So the very healthy but easy and tasty puttu is ready to serve ..
Serve with curries ,banana etc ..

Ari Puttu-

Gothambu Puttu-