Healthy Forests, Healthy Water

When you think of our national forests, you think of trees. Of the wonders of nature. Of sheer beauty.

But there’s something you may not think about — the water you drink.

Forests help snow melt and rainwater soak into the soil to replenish rivers and streams during dry times. Forests stop silt from running into our water supplies, and help keep our lakes and reservoirs clean.

More than 180 million Americans have abundant, healthy drinking water thanks to our forests — forests that are being devastated by disease and fire.

The Arbor Day Foundation asks for your help in replanting our national forests, to ensure that future generations will still have clean air to breathe, wood for our homes, majestic beauty to behold, and fresh water to drink.

Be part of the rebirth of our national forests. Visit See how, together, we can plant our future.