H2O+ Cypress counter top water filtration system.

I was so much excited and said to myself, “vow!” when I opened the box. This is the exact water filter I had been longing for, for several years, since I was very much disappointed with the bulky and heavy, under the counter Reverse Osmosis water filter.
It is so easy to use, and you can connect it under one minute. I have added a video demonstration of how to connect it. Just find the right adapter for the faucet from the supplied box . Connect it to the faucet. Connect the 1/4 inch polyurethane tubing to the quick connect adapter. Now connect the other end of the tube to the water quick connect inlet behind the filter unit. That’s it. You are ready to enjoy clean water. (When using first the time and when you change filters, you need to run the water for 10 minutes to purge out the contaminants and carbon.)
It can be also connected to under sink water connector with a or even to the refrigerator water connector with a ‘T” connector.
If you do not like to leave it on the counter, you can fill your water bottles. The amazing filtration system produces 1 liter of of water every 30 seconds, I filled five 3 liter bottles in 7 minutes 30 seconds!