Drinking three liters of water a day gives you younger skin: study

Drinking three liters of water a day wil help you look younger and prettier, according to the results of an experiment carried out by 42-year-old British reporter, Sarah Smith.

After years of suffering from headaches and poor digestion, Smith’s neurologist and nutritionist suggested she drink up to three litres of liquid a day to improve her body function.

Two weeks after beginning the water therapy, her chronic headaches had vanished and her skin had improved.

After a month, her skin was lustrous and she had shed two pounds.

The doctor points out that our kidneys, which filter waste products from the blood before turning it to urine, will quickly enjoy the benefits of a good flushing. The extra fluid also allows skin cells to regenerate more efficiently.

Smith said she now feels fitter, leaner and healthier, and her husband and friends say she looks ten years younger.

“Whatever happens, I am going to keep on drinking three litres of water a day – and would advise every woman to do the same (after checking with her doctor, of course)”, she wrote in the Daily Mail, a newspaper.


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