Drinking Sea water keep you healthy

To be healthy, drink sea water.
Many diseases just disappear drinking sea water. Get the information on the internet and you’ll be amazed.
Although present at a weak concentration in the body, oligo–elements contained in the sea water solution behave as catalytic activators of biochemical reactions in the circulatory, digestive, muscular and cerebral fields.
They are mandatory for the good functioning of the body organs, and their equilibrium, they contribute to fight against tiredness, stressing conditions, and infectious diseases, especially located in the ENT sphere.
First inhabitants of our planet lived in sea water first. This could explain why the salt concentration of the body cells is so similar, a sort of heritage of the past.

Following Quinton’s theory, in the animal body, we could distinguish :

Living cell elements of marine origin;
A vital medium constituted of all the plasmas where the living cells have a bathe; this medium would contain all the various nutrients necessary for cell growth; its mineralization is very close to sea water.
83 elements of the periodic table, biologically available, are found in sea water.
These ions are metabolized by the phyto or the zooplankton into natural chains; they act in a synergistic way in a natural symbiosis with our body, whose mineral constitution is similar to that of sea water.
The benefits of sea water have been known since antiquity.

Herodotus (484 BC): « Sun cure and sea cure are sovereign remedies for most diseases and particularly for women’s ailments ».

Euripides (420 BC) in « Iphigenia in Tauris »: « The sea cures men’s diseases ».

In 1578: King Henri III bathed in the sea at Dieppe « to heal the sundry outbreaks of scabies by which he was afflicted ».

The first medical thesis on sea water dates back to 1697.

In 1750 an Englishman named Russell published a work which enjoyed great popular success. In it, wrote « One should drink sea water, bathe in it and eat every product of the sea in which its virtue is concentrated ».

In 1791, John Lathan opened the first seaside hospital for the treatment of anemia and infectious diseases.

In the 19th century, the first thalassotherapy centres opened in Germany and France. It was in 1778 that the first institute of thalassotherapy was opened in France, in Dieppe, by Lepecq de la Cloture.

Around 1800, no one dreamed of bathing in the sea for anything other than therapeutic purposes.

From 1847 onwards, the number of sea water spas began to grow: Sète (1847), le Croisic (1885), Berck (1861), Roscoff (founded by Louis Bagot in 1889).

1913 saw the founding of the International Association of Thalassotherapy, and the French Thalassotherapy Society was founded in 1959.