Dock-side water filter system mini Op-Eval

Once we left the USA, we knew we needed a supply of fresh water, and wanted to not depend only on our water maker. But many of the marinas we went into had signs or told us that the dock water was NOT for drinking. And everyone knows the old jokes about drinking water in a foreign country. We did have our PUR filter on our galley faucet, but knew we wanted something more.

We met a few people who had bought and used ceramic water filters. But all of them stated that after a few months they were running very slow and they were hard to clean. Also, of the 5 or so people that we questions about the filters, 3 had broken during use.

This is the solution we came up with. Now ANY water that does not come from our water maker is run through this before it goes into our tanks! AND, as a matter of fact, we even used it in a house we were in when the local drinking water became contaminated!

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