“Diatomaceous Earth Water Filter System” – Mobile Water Purification Systems

Our new diatomaceous earth water filter system is a mobile filtration unit for emergency disaster deployment. This unit is capable of filtering 50 gallons per minute or 72,000 gallons per day of clear, safe water.

Let me take you through the process of how our system works. First, you see our self-contained mobile filtration trailer setting up near a river. In this instance, a fire truck is dispatched to pump water from the river to the filtration trailer. After a few minutes of laying hose lines from the river to the trailer, we begin the process of supplying water to the various filters in the trailer.

In the first stage, we have a prefilter to take out the larger particles by trapping them in a large filter bag. In the second step of this process, the water goes through the diatomaceous earth filter and removes tiny organisms such as cryptosporidium, e coli and giardia.

These are the pathogens in water that make people sick and in some cases can lead to death. This filter is a vacuum system where as the water is drawn through the elements in a pressure system where it is pushed through. The turbidimeters continually monitor the water quality each step of the way. Turbidity is a cloudiness or haziness of the water caused by suspended solids, generally invisible to the naked eye. Nephelometric turbidity units known as NTU’s, are used for measuring turbidity in the water.

At no time filter water should receive 1 NTU. Here we see raw water coming from the fire truck at 9.4 NTU’s before any filtration. After the prefilter and before the D.E. filer, we have a reading of 2.4 NTU’s.

However, after the D.E. filter, we have a reading of .43 NTU’s which ensures the water is safe to drink. The final step of this process is a series of carbon filters which remove color and improve taste. All our filtration units are built to customer specifications and come complete with training. With over 50 years of experience, let Separmatic show you our way of handling disasters. See us online at http://www.separmaticsystems.com and request a free brochure or contact us at:

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