Diamond Coral Water Filter Series, Designer Filtration Systems, New Products Launching Event

New Products launching at One City Skypark on January 18, 2015. The gorgeous models cat-walking the Diamond Coral Series of products on the runway in the Grand Ballroom on January 18, 2015

The designer Diamond Coral is a premium series of water purification systems from Diamond NEP Holdings Berhad in Malaysia.

5 New Spring Water Systems: 3 models with 6 filter cartridges and 2 models with 3 filter cartridges.

Accessories: new 2 way water diverter and designer drinking water faucet.


Demo unit of an instant hot and cold water dispenser that was on display. No storage of stagnant water. Akan datang, 😛

Concept: a designer model of an outdoor water filter, the Diamond Coral Master Filter.