D.I.Y. Black Berkey Emergency Water Purification System

In an emergency situation, water, shelter, food, communication, defense, and first aid are critical to have prepared for in advance to ensure you and your family survive.

This video shows you how I created an emergency water purification system that will provide a family of 4 with drinking and cooking water for as many as 8 years using the following items:

4- Black Berkey water filters (4)

3- Food Grade 5 gallon buckets ()

2- stainless steel spigots ()

1- priming pump ()

This whole system cost me a total price of 0 to be able to filter 12,000 gallons of water and none of these components have a limited shelf life. Of course you could do this project for as little as 0 if you only got 2 filters, 2 buckets, 1 spigot, and one priming pump.

Some additional items that are part of this system:
– bleach (kills most of the germs before filtering)
– Scotch Bright pads (to clean particulates off filter)
– red food coloring (to test the system is working correctly)

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