Creative Real Estate Consultant Healthy Water Story Mar 18

Water is essential for life. It accounts for about 60%
of our body weight and performs crucial roles such as
carrying nutrients and waste products between our
major organs, helping to regulate body temperature,
lubricating our joints and acting as a shock absorber.1
Body water is found both inside cells, and is called,
intracellular water. Intracellular water contains
dissolved solutes (electrolytes) which are essential
to maintaining healthy body functions. Water found
outside cells is called extracellular water. Blood
contains extracellular water which is transported
around our body. Water moves easily between cells to
wherever it is needed.
The human body works to maintain optimal hydration
by using hormones to control how much we urinate
and giving our brains signals to tell us that we are
As our brains are 73%3
water, insufficient
hydration can have an adverse effect on how our brains
On average, we take in and excrete around
two and a half litres of water a day, although this varies
from person to person.